Calle is a certified AWS DevOps Professional with 5 years of experience building and maintaining cloud infrastructure and applications.


Open Source

KaboHub uses only Free (as in speech) and Open Source Software. We also contribute time to Open Source projects, as well as pledge 5% of the annual profits to Open Source projects and organisations.



Calle is a Volunteer Fire Fighter, so when you hire KaboHub you also help our community be safer and better at handling emergencies.


Ability to focus on the little things without losing sight of the big picture

sea shells



More than 10 years of experience working with IT and multiple years running a business in New Zealand and Sweden


Expert at going serverless, which means you have no servers to patch, your service is highly available, virtually infinitely scalable, and low cost

AWS DevOps

Confident in a broad range of AWS products, including Lambda, CloudFront, CloudFormation, API Gateway, VPC, Load balancers, Cognito, IAM, and ECS

Full Stack

As a full stack developer one can make better decisions on what technology to use throghout the solution in terms of cost and speed to implement and run, as well as maintainability in a DevOps environment


AWS, DevOps, Serverless, Linux, React, Node.js, nginx, Apache, Varnish, Cognito, DynamoDB, OpenVPN, Route53/DNS, MQ, Ansible, Git, HTTPS, Security, Maps, SQL, vim, Open Source, CloudWatch, Elasticsearch

Example Project

Hydrant Map utilizes OpenStreetMap to plot fire hydrants in Raglan, New Zealand.
More projects can be found on my GitLab.

Remote Worker

Working remotely isn't for everyone, Calle has had a lot of good experience working remotely, knows what it means, and is enjoying it!

Literally amazeballs

Troy Mare, previous team member

Let's go!

Let's go!